[ubuntu-uk] Eee hacking - add bluetooth

Tom Bamford tom at entrepreneuria.co.uk
Thu Nov 29 20:20:11 GMT 2007

Rob Beard wrote:
> Hi folks,
> Just seen this on The Inquirer...
> http://www.theinquirer.net/gb/inquirer/news/2007/11/29/hack-eee-bluetooth
> It seems someone has worked out how to add an internal USB bluetooth
> module to the Asus EeePC.  Seems pretty cool if you don't mind loosing
> the warranty and doing a spot of soldering.
> Personally I'm not that brave, I'd probably go for the external option.
> Rob
You could do the same with any USB device small enough to fit inside the 
casing, ie. flash memory, GPS receiver, TV or radio card, second Wifi 
adapter etc.


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