[ubuntu-uk] would you believe it

norman norman at littletank.org
Thu Nov 29 14:48:45 GMT 2007

< snip >

> What does happen with windows install is that they have included a an
> ingenious function called "PullOutHAIR" which makes it so that the
> install only works when a randomly generated number matches another.

What a wonderful name for a problem causer, I'd better be careful, I am
nearly bald now.
> Okay ill stop rambling... my suggestion is to use the Ubuntu live CD and
> partition your hard-drive accordingly, and format all the partitions.
> but don't install Ubuntu. I would also suggest making a 200MB /boot
> partition at the beginning of the HDD. Then install Windows, check that
> it works, then install Ubuntu. 

That sounds good but how do I arrange for the 200MB /boot partition?
> I have done this on quite a few occasions... normally (touch wood) it
> works!

I am almost prepared to try anything and I'll touch wood if it is


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