[ubuntu-uk] would you believe it

Daniel Lamb daniel.lamb at dlcomputing.co.uk
Thu Nov 29 14:26:21 GMT 2007

That is due to you not having the sata driver installed.

Do you have the original xp disk that came with the pc?


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> What I suggest is to install windows xp, wipe the hard drive( are you
> installing to the satat drive? If so you need the driver for the sata
> device.) and start all over again. After xp works setup the dual boot.

I am sorry Daniel but I am not quite sure what you mean. Yes I am
installing to the SATA drive on which I have Ubuntu installed. My idea
is that the Windows installation process will remove Ubuntu when it
formats the drive and then continue to install XP. After that I would
hope to install Ubuntu and thus get a dual boot system. I fail to see
what you mean by a driver for the SATA device.

My problem is that the XP process starts as it should do but stops part
the way through and will not restart.  


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