[ubuntu-uk] dual boot

norman norman at littletank.org
Thu Nov 29 08:37:46 GMT 2007

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> You don't write to the MBR like you would a partition, this is taken
> care of by the bootloader install program. If you were installing
> Windows to the same drive as Ubuntu you'd hit problems because Windows
> would rewrite the MBR with its own simpleton loader instead of Grub.
> When you boot from a hard drive, your BIOS tries to execute whatever
> lies in the MBR. If there's no bootloader the BIOS tries to execute
> the very first thing on the 'active' or 'boot' partition.

Thank you very much indeed, that helps me to understand a little more.
So, I assume, that if Windows is installed first followed by Ubuntu then
the MBR created by Windows would be overwritten by the MBR from Ubuntu.


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