[ubuntu-uk] dual boot

norman norman at littletank.org
Wed Nov 28 18:56:58 GMT 2007

For those who may be interested here is the latest bulletin. There are 2
hard drives connected up, one with Ubuntu and one with windows XP. The
windows drive is connected as slave to the CD drive cable. Pressing
escape as the machine start to boot brings up the menu and windows is
the last item on the list. (Before connecting the windows drive the
words I had been given ages ago were written into /boot/grub/menu.lst)
Selecting windows gives a message suggesting that the windows drive does
not exist.

Ah ha, I thought lets have a look at the BIOS and all of a sudden I am
back to where I was several days ago. When the machine is switched on
instead of the usual Intel screen which tells me how to access the BIOS
and so on I get a message which tells me that my video mode is not
supported. I suppose I shall have to sit there and guess when to press a
key and try F2, Esc, del or any other key which you care to suggest.

I am going for my evening meal and when I get back to my computer I look
forward to reading all your words of pearly wisdom.


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