[ubuntu-uk] boot problem

Tom Bamford tom at entrepreneuria.co.uk
Sun Nov 25 18:18:27 GMT 2007

Sometimes the Windows boot files get messed about for which a reinstall 
may not be necessary. Try booting from a Windows install cd and entering 
recovery mode. You'll be asked for your Administrator password - just 
press enter if it is blank. You'll get a recovery console with limited 
commands; type 'fixboot' followed by 'exit' (no quotes) and try booting 
Windows. If no luck, repeat and type 'fixmbr' then 'exit' at the same 
console. The latter command will likely destroy grub but this is easy to 

If you resort to reinstalling Windows, obviously be careful not to 
tamper with or destroy the Ubuntu partitions but this will also result 
in no more grub. To fix grub boot into an Ubuntu live CD and open up a 
terminal window. Type 'sudo grub' to enter the grub console and enter 
the following (substituting your partition numbers where applicable).

root (hd0,1)
setup (hd0)

The numbering begins at zero and I assume you installed Windows first, 
putting your Edubuntu root partition as the second one on your first 
hard drive (drive 0, partition 1). Post the current contents of your 
/boot/grub/menu.lst file if you would like further clarification.

Hope this helps,

norman wrote:
> I have recently installed windows 2K and Edubuntu to give a dual boot
> set up for my granddaughter. Edubuntu is great and she is really
> enjoying using it. However, I am unable to boot the windows system. When
> I select it from the starting menu the usual start bar appears followed
> by the dreaded blue screen and a message saying that it could not boot.
> Please, could some kind person advise me on how to overcome this
> difficulty.
> Norman

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