[ubuntu-uk] Asus PC with Ubuntu pre-installed and 2GB ram

Jim Kissel jlk at osml.eu
Sat Nov 24 18:51:47 GMT 2007

James Grabham wrote:
> If I get one, I was thinking f putting different OSs on SD cards,
> Ubuntu on one, win 2000 on another etc, is this feasable?  Would it be
> slow?
> I want to keep the 15s boot OS

I've run Ubuntu 7.04 (Gnome) on a VIA 600 Mhz PII with  512M of memory 
and a relatively small HDD with what I consider reasonable response. 
So......I would expect that Ubuntu will run reasonable well on the Asus 
701.  Where you will take is hit, if you are rolling you own, is the the 
need to run the ndiswrapper for Wifi, and you need to make sure 
ATIME/ATIMEDIR are disabled in your kernel.  I expect it will take more 
than 15s to boot Ubuntu/Gnome on the 701.

BTY you can order a 701 with Ubuntu pre-installed:

I can't possible comment on Win2000 on the Asus as I went from NT4.0 SP6 
to RH 7.0. Since then, my only regress into the Microsoft world was to 
boot XP on an old laptop to run U3_UNINSTALL.EXE on a USB thumb disk I 
mistakenly purchased.

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