[ubuntu-uk] Asus Eee PC video review

Jim Kissel jlk at osml.eu
Thu Nov 22 15:13:26 GMT 2007

Tom Bamford wrote:
> I like it, it's a nice piece of kit for the money, especially if you 
> factor in a built-in 3G modem/phone. If you're looking to splash out a 

No build in 3G modem/phone in the Asus 701.  There may/may not be a 
mini-PCI slot which there may be a 3G modem "Upgrade". Rumour has it 
that the White 7a series have the card slot and the 7b and Black 701's 
don't.  I would have to void the warranty to find out, don't expect me 
to take a screwdriver to mine in the next couple of weeks ;-)

> few more notes (say 2-3 times the price) one of my friends has just got 
> a Toshiba Libretto u100 running Ubuntu. Despite being about the same 
> size as the Eee (although a bit thicker granted) it's a P4 equivalent 
> with 1GB ram, 64mb graphics, Wifi, bluetooth and a 1280x768-capable 7 
> inch widescreen - you can't even see individual pixels it's so good.

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