[ubuntu-uk] sshd died?

Kris Marsh moogman at gmail.com
Thu Nov 15 15:56:56 GMT 2007

On Nov 15, 2007 3:48 PM, Alan Pope <alan at popey.com> wrote:
> Hi Michael,
> On Thu, 2007-11-15 at 15:33 +0000, Michael Holloway wrote:
> > If by that you mean using a console cable plugged directly into the
> > server (from a laptop or something) then no.
> Yes, mine is hosted in a datacentre where they provide ssh-to-serial
> access so that it's possible to administer the server even when there
> are network/ssh issues such as this.
> I'd recommend this in the future for you as it gets you out of a number
> of holes.
> Cheers,
> Al.
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Also, some servers have a built in ILO (Integrated Lights-Out -

Essentially, it's a separate IP address (sometimes the same IP,
different port) that you can use even if the PC is turned off. You
connect to it, and it gives you a java applet which shows you a
"virtual" console, in the same way that VMware would.

This may even be superior than ssh-to-serial, in that it can help you
even if the kernel crashes, machine was turned off, etc.


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