[ubuntu-uk] Buying A Laptop

Matthew Macdonald-Wallace matthew at truthisfreedom.org.uk
Thu Nov 15 09:07:26 GMT 2007

On Thu, 2007-11-15 at 07:54 +0000, Kris Douglas wrote:
> On 14/11/2007, Russell Green <russell.green.07 at googlemail.com> wrote:
>         Hey guys,
>         I'm in the process of buying a new laptop for when I'm not at
>         home, it will
>         ofcouse be running ubuntu.I have a price range of 500 GBP and
>         body got any
>         suggestions or any advice or any laptops they would
>         recommend.I don't travel
>         very much so weight and things like that isn't important.I'm
>         just trying to
>         get as powerful a laptop I can for that kind of price.
>         Any suggestions or advice would be appreciated. 
>         Thanks,
>         Russell
> Hi, have a look at some of the Dell laptops, I'm using one of those
> and they are a sound piece of hardware.
> They're all at
> http://www1.euro.dell.com/content/default.aspx?c=uk&amp;l=en&amp;s=gen

I'll second that, I purchased an Inspiron 6400n about a month ago, with
Ubuntu Feisty pre-installed.

The spec is as follows:

Inspiron 6400 N-Series Dual Core Processor T2080 (1.73 GHz 533 MHz FSB 1
MB L2 cache)
Wide Sreen 15.4" WXGA (1280x800) Display with TrueLife
Memory Dual-Channel 1024MB (2x512) 533MHz DDR2 SDRAM
Hard Drive 80GB Serial ATA (5400 RPM)
DVD+/-RW (Read/Write) 8X Fixed Internal
Battery Primary 9 cell 85W/HR LI-ION
Graphics Card Intel Media Accelerator 950 Up to 256MB of shared Memory
for N-Series with TV and S-Video Output (supports Compiz)
UK Modem Cable and Adapter Internal V.92 Data, Fax, Voice Functions
Intel® Pro Wireless 3945 802.11a/b/g Mini-PCI Card (for Dual Core
UK/Irish Internal Keyboard (QWERTY)

All for £464.12 including VAT and Delivery

The only issue I've had so far is with the S-Video out on the graphics
card (not very important to me really) and my only complaint is that it
doesn't have bluetooth built in.

The battery life is excellent (I'm off to swindon from Kent by coach
today and the battery should last me the whole 6 hours of coach travel
including the 1hr 10m stopover at Victoria today and on Sunday night on
my way home!).  It still amazes me that the battery can be showing as
10% when there's 2hrs left!

Hope this is of some help,


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