[ubuntu-uk] serious advice

Jim Kissel jlk at osml.eu
Thu Nov 15 08:44:16 GMT 2007

Alan Pope wrote:
> I am in a similar quandary with my own daughter. She is 4 and has just
> started school this term. In school they have a windows PC in the
> classroom on which she plays various educational games. At home she
> rarely uses a computer at all. She has done a little typing here and
> there and played some online flash games, but not much more than that.
> I have ordered a couple of Asus Eee PCs, one for my wife to use and one
> for Sophie. I wanted to get something small and lightweight which runs
> "normal" software. I have just called the school to get a list of all
> the software that Sophie uses, and if it's any good I'll see if I can
> get it working under WINE, or get someone to write an alternative in
> python so everyone can benefit :)
Yesterday, I ordered one from Dabs.  Should be here today.  Where did 
you order your's from?  If you or anyone you know are working on getting 
Ubutnu running on the eeePC, please let me/the group know.


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