[ubuntu-uk] Open Education Disc (was :Re: serious advice)

John Levin john at technolalia.org
Wed Nov 14 22:52:35 GMT 2007

Rob Beard wrote:

> Maybe you could give her a few copies of The OpenEducationDisc to give 
> out to her friends as Christmas presents?  They could all then get to 
> grips with things like TuxPaint, TuxTyping and TuxMath (actually, I'm 
> not sure if they're all on there, I've been working on a custom branded 
> OpenDisc of my own which I'm going to distribute in my local area).

I'd never heard of the OpenEducationDisc before; a google later gives:

It's a version of OpenDisc, which was once The Open CD, launched but a 
month ago.

Version 7.10 (ohh, ubuntu-style release numbering!) has just come out;
the list of programs is at:

Just a FYI,


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