[ubuntu-uk] Ubuntu users in High Wycombe area

Rob Beard rob at esdelle.co.uk
Wed Nov 14 11:48:49 GMT 2007

Hi folks,

This morning I popped into see my latest convert to Ubuntu who was  
having a bit of trouble printing labels off on her printer.  While I  
was there she asked if I could answer a technical question for her  
Brother-in-law.  So I got talking to her Brother-in-law and he  
mentioned how he got a virus on his laptop a while back.  I mentioned  
about Ubuntu which he could see running.  He seemed quite interested  
when I mentioned about the fact that Ubuntu doesn't suffer from the  
same sort of problems as Windows.  I also mentioned the work I'm  
involved with in getting some computers running Ubuntu (LTSP server &  
clients) into a local community centre.

Now the problem is, he lives in High Wycombe which is a little far for  
me to commute to.  I am planning on popping a CD into him later on (as  
he's staying locally to me for a couple of days) so he can have a look  
at Ubuntu, I just wondered if there was anyone in the High Wycombe  
area who would possibly be interested in giving him a bit of help, and  
maybe even getting involved with installing an LTSP Server & clients  
in a local chuch/community centre there? (he sounded interested in the  
idea when I mentioned it).


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