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Daniel Lamb daniel.lamb at dlcomputing.co.uk
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Why not buy an asus laptop with linux on it and introduce her to linux
games, there are a number of education ones for linux also.

Or if you do want to still use linux/oss, why not look at reactos?

You didn't say how much your wanting to spend, you could get the ubuntu box
from tescos and stick a copy of windows on it if she really needs to use it.


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I am contemplating buying my 9 year old granddaughter a new PC for
Christmas. Presently, she has a fairly old PC and has been using Windows
both at home and at school. (I hear cries of shame). She is of course
familiar with Ubuntu when she uses my machine and it would be my
intention to wean her onto Ubuntu on her new machine. Where I need
advice is in selecting the best way to enable her to join in with her
classmates, if and when she may need to, with regard to such things as
educational games and suchlike which do not play on Linux.

I know of Wine and Crossover Office but neither of these appear to be
what is needed. So, fellow Ubuntu users, what would you advise an old
codger to do.


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