[ubuntu-uk] Spam

Stephen Garton sheepeatingtaz at gmail.com
Tue Nov 13 15:59:45 GMT 2007

Dougie Richardson wrote:
> I honestly don't know anyone who would respond to an comment like this:
> "<strong>Ambien....</strong>
> Ambien us pharmacy. Ambien. Where can i buy ambien for next day
> delivery. Ambien lethal...."
> I mean it ends with "lethal" for goodness sake.
> Cheers,

The best spam I ever had (Caught by Askimet in the early days when I had
time to check all the comments it caught!) was this:

CAUTION: JOKE OF A SEXUAL NATURE BELOW. Please don't read if (very)
easily offended.

"A man walked into his doctors office, and asked him for 3 viagra
pills.The doctor asked, “Why only 3?”

The man said, “Well, Friday my secretary is coming over, Saturday my
girlfriend is coming over, and Sunday my wife is coming home from her

The doc said, “Thats more than I wanted to know, but here’s your 3 pills.”

A week later the doctor saw the man at the gas station, his arm in a
cast, and sling.

The doctor said, “What happened to you? Did the women all find out about
one another?”

The man said, “No, Nobody showed up…..”


And serious news: We have launched new generic viagra store.
Best prices for cialis, viagra and levitra.
You’ll be greatly happy to see our exclusive suggestions.
Coming soon - Hoodia and Soma!


At least they put the effort in!
Steve Garton

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