[ubuntu-uk] Spam

Dougie Richardson ddrichardson at btinternet.com
Tue Nov 13 13:09:22 GMT 2007

Hi all,

A little off topic I know, but has anyone any experience of dealing with
spamming blogs?

I've used a plugin that requires the user to carry out a simple maths
sum before posting a comment, in Wordpress. However it would appear that
this has been cracked because over the last week the number of spams
getting through to my moderation queue is averaging fifty per day.

It's obviously targeted as well, as the only part of the site being hit
is in relation to Meniere's Disease and all the spam is for a drug which
is supposed to be for this condition, except it doesn't work - hence why
people aren't prescribed it.

So there we go - any ideas for the best way to defend? Captcha is mostly
commercial or inoperative with Wordpress 2.3, I want to allow comments.


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