[ubuntu-uk] memory lane

Dianne Reuby pramclub at yahoo.co.uk
Mon Nov 12 17:38:34 GMT 2007

You're making me feel prehistoric! I had a C64 for my first personal
machine, but I'd worked on IBM mainframes for about 6 or 7 years before
that. Card job control input, data input mainly on card or paper tape -
our punch room still had an old hand punch in case all the electric
punches failed!


On Mon, 2007-11-12 at 17:01 +0000, Kris Douglas wrote:
> I was born in '92 but I know that they had a ZX81 with the 16K ram
> upgrade
> (fancy :D)... and a BBC. Then they went straight over to a 286 DOS
> machine,
> which they then put 3.11wg on. (That 500mb drive still boots, as does
> windows and Qbasic and SQL Anywhere) Then they went onto a 486 then a
> 486
> Over Drive then a Pentium MMX and so on....
> Just because I wasn't there, doesn't mean I miss anythin'. We still
> have
> most of these machines, beauties.

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