[ubuntu-uk] RealMedia streams (rtsp:) in Gutsy

Kris Marsh moogman at gmail.com
Mon Nov 12 10:50:12 GMT 2007

On Nov 12, 2007 10:45 AM, Greg K Nicholson <newsgroups at gkn.me.uk> wrote:
> Sean Miller:
> > I'm sure it's all working for me in mplayer... unless it's something
> > else you're referring to... the BBC Website Realaudio streams?
> >
> > Sean
> >
> The stream I'm trying is
> http://www.bbc.co.uk/newsa/n5ctrl/tvseq/n24/bb/rm/video/news24_bb.ram
> which redirects to an RTSP stream.
> That address can be found by following the "Watch Live BBC News 24" link
> towards the top of http://news.bbc.co.uk/ then in the resulting pop-up
> following the "Launch in stand alone player" link.
> (Incidentally, that should say "stand-alone"; silly BBC.)
> MPlayer doesn't like me either:
> "Couldn't resolve name for AF_INET6: www.bbc.co.uk"
> (Which is fair enough because I don't like *it* — every time you use a
> multiple-window interface, one of the HIG gnomes dies. (Wilbur is wanted
> by Interpol.))
> So: I can't find RealPlayer in Add/Remove or Synaptic; and Totem, Helix
> Player, VLC and MPlayer all can't play the stream.
> I don't think it's an internet connectivity issue, because Amarok and
> Totem can both play SomaFM's mp3 streams happily. E.g.:
> http://somafm.com/startstream=indiepop.pls
> http://somafm.com/startstream=groovesalad.pls
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Hi Greg,


mplayer -playlist

Alternatively, grab the contents of the ram file:

wget http://www.bbc.co.uk/newsa/n5ctrl/tvseq/n24/bb/rm/video/news24_bb.ram -qO -

And bung that directly into mplayer, either *should* work.


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