[ubuntu-uk] wifi mini-survey

Alan Pope alan at popey.com
Sun Nov 11 10:51:34 GMT 2007

Hi Mac,

On Sun, 2007-11-11 at 08:01 +0000, Mac wrote:
> feels more 
> like the relative level of laptop wifi use generally, if the content of 
> the forums is any guide to a guestimate (not that my track record with 
> guestimates is very impressive).

Depends who you ask. Last week at UDS I'd say wifi usage amongst
delegates was nearer 90+%

> 	If 10%-15% is about right, I wonder whether it goes some way to 
> explaining why the kernel developers are, historically, perhaps a bit 
> less bothered about wifi support:

They are?

Is it even fair to point the finger at the kernel developers for what is
essentially a driver support problem from hardware manufacturers. Many
wifi chipset vendors are notoriously bad at providing specifications for
their kit to driver authors. 

>   not enough people affected;  not a 
> crippling issue for the kernel.

I'd bet a significant chunk of kernel devs use wifi in some way or

> 	Let's hope the open wifi drivers project will make this area a bit easier.

I'd spend more time petitioning the hardware vendors myself. Given they
make the hardware, and often write drivers for other operating systems,
and of course have access to the specs. They're the best people to solve
this issue.

Of course the other thing to do is stop buying hardware that isn't
supported. One reason I bought the laptop I did is because the wifi is
supported out of the box on linux.

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