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Sean Miller sean at seanmiller.net
Sun Nov 11 06:02:05 GMT 2007

> Upgrading the memory of the computer will improve performance, but may not
> be required.

Ubuntu, like Windows but to a lesser extent, becomes more memory hungry each
release... that isn't, to be fair, really Ubuntu's fault but rather the
packages therein... Openoffice, for instance, is becoming absolutely huge
and tools like Firefox, Thunderbird, Evolution etc. don't get any smaller
(!)... that said, a lot more things are being loaded by default (because
they can!) and that takes memory too...

128MB of RAM really isn't enough... with so little memory you're going to
get a lot of swapping onto disk which is obviously going to slow the machine
down a lot... the drive itself may also be, to put it nicely, "slightly
short of bleeding edge" which would mean swapping should be avoided if

It's probable that if you are running Feisty with 128MB you will be able to
upgrade and run Gutsy but it is likely you will see a deterioration in
performance.   Memory is very cheap these days, have you thought about
perhaps buying some extra RAM to breath a bit of new life into the old

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