[ubuntu-uk] Games with a Christmas theme

Daniel Lamb daniel.lamb at dlcomputing.co.uk
Sun Nov 11 02:03:10 GMT 2007

For lemmings clone there is pingus, which works very well not tested it on ubuntu just another os :-(.
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Subject:	Re: [ubuntu-uk] Games with a Christmas theme
From:	Rob Beard <rob at esdelle.co.uk>
Date:		11/11/2007 00:07

Adam Bagnall wrote:
> Dianne Reuby wrote:
>> We're planning a gamers day for Christmas at the Museum of Computing -
>> we have quite a few games with a Christmas theme lined up for consoles,
>> handhelds and Windows. I thought it would be an opportunity to show off
>> Ubuntu both to our visitors and to my fellow volunteers.
>> Can anyone recommend any Linux games with a Christmas theme? 
>> Dianne
> I second what others have said about tux racer, however planetpenguin 
> racer is a more up to date version and is in the Ubuntu repositories. 
> Supertux is a mario type platform game with a snowy theme. Tuxtype is a 
> typing tutor type game also with a snowy theme and yet another snow 
> themed game is frozen bubble. There are also games called snowballz 
> (which I havent tried) and Icebreaker (which is quite basic).
> One other thing to install is xsnow. It's not a game but displays 
> snowflakes and santa on your background. Perfect for Christmas :)
> Regards,
>     Adam.

LOL, just tried xsnow, thats pretty cool.  Makes my desktop icons 
disappear :-)

What would make my evening complete though is finding a Linux version of 
  Workbench Lemmings (which was a small app for the Amiga which made 
Lemmings walk down windows on the Amiga Workbench Desktop).

Ahh, maybe I should get out more :-)


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