[ubuntu-uk] Another happy Ubuntu user :-)

Chris Rowson christopherrowson at gmail.com
Sun Nov 11 00:32:33 GMT 2007

> > Anyway, that's a nice job you did there, when it comes to people doing
> > as you said, "word processing and email" Ubuntu really sticks out as a
> > green light, mainly because of how suitable it is for that, not all pc's
> > are for the power user *cough Slackware *cough* and it's nice to see
> > someone that is finding Ubuntu a comfortable distro to use.
> >

I recently tested Linux Mint (basically Ubuntu with gnome-main-menu
and all the codecs preinstalled) on a non-techie user (my other half
in fact).

She preferred it to Ubuntu because the 'start menu' was located in the
bottom left where she expected it to be; and that by having only one
panel, the interfaces took up less screen real estate (which is
important on her old 1024x768 laptop display.

I preferred it as I didn't have to worry about installing realplayer,
java etc before handing it over.

All that put me off was that I don't know anything about the
maintainers. Although in Mint's defence, at least it uses Ubuntu
repositories for the good majority of stuff (other than a couple of
native Linux mint progs, and artwork) so if Linux Mint goes pear
shaped, it'll still receive updates!


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