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Daniel Lamb daniel.lamb at dlcomputing.co.uk
Thu Nov 8 23:28:57 GMT 2007

I was actually thinking something along similar lines, i have gone as far as
getting a dedicated server hosted in the us.
My thoughts had been to offer free hosting and take donations which would be
invested in the server/hosting, one of these things being buying domains for
projects etc.


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I have been thinking a bit, and I have come up with somewhat of an idea. I
just want some input from you guys, and gals.

I was thinking about an open source web hosting project, where we run a
donations/ low cost based web hosting service that can benefit the Linux
community, where the money received goes to a Linux project or a charity, or
something like that. 

The basis of the idea is to get everyone involved in providing things like
hardware to host a machine with a web hosting system on it. So people can
have their own website on a sub domain for next to no money. Now, I've
posted this on the Ubuntu UK thread, as well as my local LUG's to get ideas
and input, and maybe use Ubuntu as the drive behind the project. 

I don't know, any input from people would be handy, I'm definitely willing
to put some of my little free time to good use, I have machines, and a
decent connection, but it stops about there.

Finally, what makes this idea different from any of those other hosting
services out there? Basically, the fact that it's going to be actually
providing some kind of good to a Community or Charity. 

So yeah, ideas? Anyone?

Kris Douglas
      Softdel Limited Hosting Services

      Web: www.softdel.net
      Mail: kris at softdel.net 
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