[ubuntu-uk] Ubuntu Community Gaming Server

Rohan Omard nem2killu2 at yahoo.co.uk
Thu Nov 8 23:26:42 GMT 2007

Kirrus wrote...................

Its a good idea. The only game I'd say avoid would be Nexuiz. I've
 never had a good time trying to get that one to work, and there's a reason
 that its really hard to find anyone else playing it...


Hi all
What I have found with Nexuiz is that you have to play it without all the eye candy turned on. Best thing to do is set up a gaming user account without all the eye candy on and try it. Not sure if you can use the xfe interface(as opposed to gnome ore kde) as I havent yet tried it but that is even lighter than the aforermentioned and should therefore theoretically give you an even better experience.

just my tanners worth....

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