[ubuntu-uk] Booting form USB Hard Drive.

Stephen Dickinson Finance Assistant Stephen.Dickinson at essexcc.gov.uk
Thu Nov 8 17:31:41 GMT 2007

Good afternoon guys and girls,

I've been reading this list for a couple of weeks now but this is my
first post. I'm amazed at all the knowledge on here, so please bear with
me if I'm being a little slow!

Now am I right in thinking that if I had a 350gb USB Hard Drive that I
could create a single partition on it (in the same way that I would with
a USB stick) and then install Gusty and use it as a portable Linux box,
just with no screen or keyboard? 

Its so I can carry it around and have all my stuff in one place but plug
it into any PC I find.

Would it, in theory, work? My guess is yes, but I'd be interested in
everyone else's opinions. Thanks very much!


Stephen Dickinson


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