[ubuntu-uk] News Item- Low Cost PC/ Motherboard running on Ubuntu 7.10 (Gutsy)

Rob Beard rob at esdelle.co.uk
Thu Nov 8 10:15:48 GMT 2007

Quoting Renjith Nair <renjith4 at gmail.com>:

> Hello Everyone,  Good morning !
> Some of you may have already seen this newsitem on slashdot. It is a welcome
> sign that ubuntu is being considered as the operating system of their choice
> by various manufacturers :-)
> *Low Cost PC/ Motherboard running on Ubuntu 7.10 (Gutsy) with the
> lightweight Enlightenment window manager instead of KDE/GNOME*
> Slashdot Story: http://hardware.slashdot.org/hardware/07/11/07/2036249.shtml
> "hardware hacking enthusiasts can now get their hands on the guts of the
> Everex TC2502 Linux PC for just $60 (USD). The compact x86-compatible "gOS
> Dev Board" offers a lightweight Linux-based OS designed for use with Google
> Apps"
> Original Link : http://www.linuxdevices.com/news/NS5305482907.html
> Currently it is available from a US retailer namely ClubIT but they are not
> accepting International orders. Is there any similar product available in
> UK?
> Regards,
> Renjith

Thats pretty cool, so it's basically a similar spec to what you'd get  
on the EPIA boards just not as small and maybe higher power  
requirements.  Would be pretty good for a second PC for web browsing  

I'd be interested to know if anyone finds a supplier.


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