[ubuntu-uk] Why did you all ignore me........................

Sean Miller sean at seanmiller.net
Thu Nov 8 06:35:16 GMT 2007

Mark Shuttleworth does technical support?  Wow, very hands on...

Seriously, this error sounds like the one that is given if (for example) you
try to mount a Windows drive and it hasn't been shut down properly... the
easiest solution normally is to boot into Windows, let it do its "Scandisk"
or whatever, and then shutdown in an orderly manner.  I assume this isn't an
option?  (unfortunately you've started a new thread so I can't see your
original cry for help at this moment)...

Another alternative would surely be to copy the data off the drive using the
Feisty Live CD, perhaps onto removable storage or another drive, and then
reformat this one and be done with it... surely easier than all those
sleepless nights you seem to be having as a result.

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