[ubuntu-uk] Sorry but... wifi / WPA / hidden SSID problem

Martyn martyn.pattison at gmail.com
Wed Nov 7 21:25:34 GMT 2007

with the SSID hidden?
>        (I've seen comments that using a hidden SSID doesn't really add much by
> way of security if you're using WPA encryption.  Is that right?  And is
> WPA2 'better' than WPA? - I think my set up is only managing WPA, 'cos
> it won't connect to the router when I set the router to 'WPA2 only',
> rather than 'mixed WPA/WPA2'.)
>        I look forward to the sort of enlightenment you've variously provided
> about dead hard stuff in the past!
> Mac
Well I too had n-m working with WPA and a hidden SSID but can't
remember the details, however it's not worth bothering with, its kind
of like tipexing over the YALE name on your front door lock, and
hoping it'll make it more difficult to pick. I would suggest making
the SSID something suitably obscure (some people round here use their
house number & street name which I can't help thinking isn't a good
idea) and then forget about it.

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