[ubuntu-uk] explain this then

Chris Oattes mailinglist at cjo20.net
Wed Nov 7 17:23:44 GMT 2007

norman said the following on 07/11/07 15:24:
> I loaded a collection of photographs into an empty folder and, instead
> of appearing as thumbnails, they appeared as icons which looked like a
> sheet of printed paper with the top right hand corner turned down and a
> clock at the bottom right hand corner with the hands at 5.00. I dragged
> one of the icons onto the desktop, opened it with an image viewer and
> the photograph duly appeared. After closing the image the icon was then
> dragged back into the folder where it changed to a thumbnail. This
> happened on every instance and I wonder why?
> Norman
I believe that the "clock" icon you are talking about means that the 
system is "thinking" about it (i.e. Trying to generate the thumbnail) - 
is the computer particularly slow, or is the collection of photos 
particularly large? When I open a folder of 70 photos, the clock icon 
appears for half a second before being replaced by the thumbnails. When 
opening larger collections, the clocks are replaced one by one with 

Chris Oattes. (Seeker`)

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