[ubuntu-uk] pc frequency monitoring thing in taskbar

Tom Bamford tom at entrepreneuria.co.uk
Tue Nov 6 10:46:19 GMT 2007


I assume you mean the CPU frequency scaling monitor? This doesn't 
monitor CPU activity per se, it's for use with mobile processors with 
Speedstep technology. When the CPU isn't being maxed out it will run at 
a lower clock speed to save energy (to extend battery life) - mine flips 
between 600MHz and 1.4GHz.


> Hi,
> I have a q about my pc. I dragged and dropped the CPU frequency 
> monitoring thing into my taskbar.
> But it seems to be stuck on 38% constantly..even when the pc is 
> idle..when i open up an app it will jump to 100% and then back again..
> What could be causing this?
> Im using gutsy!
> Regards
> Javad
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