[ubuntu-uk] Hi all - perhaps you can help (At my whits end) Ubuntu 7.04 freezes on splash screen after install to new hard drive-HELP!!!

Rohan Omard nem2killu2 at yahoo.co.uk
Tue Nov 6 00:08:55 GMT 2007

Ok, some additional information. It seems that I got it wrong in the previous post. The feisty live(DvD) does indeed have two entries for the HPT374 module, one of which is linked to the HPT366 driver. What is curious (not to mention damn infuriating as well), is that I can see the drive connected when I boot up from the Feisty Live(DvD) and I can access all the content. However, today I booted up from a Gutsy Live (CD) and although I can still see the drive, it would not mount. It gave me some error about  improper shutdown or it still being in use. Also something about ntfs and a very concise option on how to force mount it (at my own risk) if I so wished.
So, in conclusion for this post.....
1.) The drive mounts and is able to be accessed normally from a Feisty Live (DvD).
2.)The drive is visible but is not mounted, neither can it be accessed on the Gutsy Live (Cd) without forcing (something I am not prepared to do at this juncture as the data held on it is to important to me to risk corruption). 3.)The drive causes a virgin Feisty installation to a IDE hard drive to freeze at the Ubuntu splash window, if it is connected to the Highpoint RocketRaid 1540 interface card at boot up (* please note that it will only  cause a boot freeze if connected to ports 1 or 2 on the interface card - If connected to ports 3 or 4 it will boot normally, however the drive is not visible inside either ubuntu Feisty or Gutsy if the the OS is installed on a hard drive).

Has anyone got any idea why I can see and use the drive connected to port 1 or 2 on the Highpoint Rocket Raid 1540 SATA , when using the Feisty Live (DvD) but it will not work on either the Gutsy Live (Cd) or either Feisty or Gutsy installed on an IDE hard drive?

Please help me someone as this is causing me sleepless nights and I dont know enough about linux or Ubuntu yet to try compiling the source HPT374 driver from Highpoint, yet.

Nuff respect to all the good work all of you do both here and elsewhere, in promoting this wonderful (if sometimes frustrating) OS.


(Rohan O'mard)

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