[ubuntu-uk] ENE Technology Inc SD/MMC Card Reader Controller

Jai Harrison jai at jaiharrison.com
Mon Nov 5 23:38:04 GMT 2007

Hey Neil,

I tried that process and not only did the WiFi still not work but the
SD reader didn't work with the revised custom kernel either (I used
menuconfig to configure it). I guess I should give up on my SD reader
and buy another one (this one being external) off of Amazon or
something. It looks like there's little hope of getting this one to
work without the fix being applied to the generic kernel by
Ubuntu/kernel staff (whoever is responsible for it).


On 11/5/07, Neil Greenwood <neil.greenwood.lug at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi Jai,
> On 05/11/2007, Jai Harrison <jai at jaiharrison.com> wrote:
> > Hey Neil,
> > On 11/4/07, Neil Greenwood <neil.greenwood.lug at gmail.com> wrote:
> > > Hi Jai,
> > >
> > > Did you make sure that you used the same set-up options as the generic
> > > kernel? If you've missed a module, or compiled something as a module
> > > when it was built-in previously, this could break something.
> > >
> > > Either that, or you are missing another patch for the wireless driver
> > > that was included in the generic Ubuntu kernel.
> > >
> > > Did you download the kernel source from kernel.org, or get it from the
> > > Ubuntu repositories? If you didn't do the latter, this may be why
> > > wireless isn't working, since you're not including the Ubuntu patches.
> > >
> >
> > I did grab it from the Ubuntu repositories so that can't be the source
> > of the problem. This one's confusing, huh? The only thing I can think
> > is that the source in the repositories isn't what it says it is.
> >
> What about the set-up options? The options for the installed generic
> kernels are stored in /boot/config-<kernel-version>. You can copy this
> file into the kernel's configuration file (IIRC, it's
> <kernel-source-dir>/.config, but look at the dot-files in that
> directory to be sure), then 'make menuconfig' or 'make xconfig' to
> configure the options for your card reader. Don't change anything else
> and hopefully the wireless will still work.
> I haven't build a kernel for a few years, and I've never used the X
> configuration GUI, so I might have the actual commands wrong. However,
> the basic principles are right.
> Hwyl,
> Neil.
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