[ubuntu-uk] ENE Technology Inc SD/MMC Card Reader Controller

Jai Harrison jai at jaiharrison.com
Sun Nov 4 20:13:37 GMT 2007

Hey Neil,

I managed to patch it manually and it compiled. My SD reader seems to
work in the new kernel but it isn't auto-mounted and, so far, I've
failed to mount it. When I put the SD card into the reader the system
definitely does something now, which it doesn't on the generic kernel.

However, my kernel broke my wireless. Without that the kernel is
pretty useless and so I've gone back to the generic kernel. Any idea
how I can fix my wireless? I don't know how to get the Wireless
information but, as far as Ubuntu's Restricted Drivers Manager says,
my only proprietary driver (which I don't have enabled) is a "Software
Modem Driver". Nothing about wireless there.

I heard that custom kernel's break proprietary drivers but as I seem
to be using none I don't know what the problem is with my WiFi.

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