[ubuntu-uk] Linux Mint

Sean Miller sean at seanmiller.net
Sun Nov 4 09:27:52 GMT 2007

My current Ubuntu setup evolved from Linux Mint.  Having done the Warty,
Hoary, Breezy line I decided to give Mint a go, but I soon got sick of their
windows-esque Gnome menu setup and reverted to the default setup... several
dist-upgrades later the only thing really left of Linux Mint is the splash
screen and, if I could be bothered, that'd probably be gone by now...

If I ever re-install this laptop I think I'd rather go for the standard
Ubuntu of the time and then install the codecs etc. manually - these
"hacked" distros are all very well, but "under the bonnet" they're basically
Ubuntu anyway so I learnt my lesson... if there's something in "Mint" that I
want I'll simply install it.

But for users that don't want to have to bother I guess it'd be fine...

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