[ubuntu-uk] Freeview

Rob Beard rob at esdelle.co.uk
Sat Nov 3 13:04:29 GMT 2007

norman wrote:
>> So my best bet is to borrow the best non-roof aerial I can find off of
>> someone and the same for a Freeview box and hope I have some luck. If
>> I do then I buy the equipment myself.
> No one seems to have mentioned it so I will. Make sure that you have
> digital quality cable from your aerial to the box.
> Norman

Thats a good point, in poor signal areas decent cable makes all the 
difference.  I got 100 metres of digital cable from a local electrical 
trade counter for I think about £30 which is the same stuff as what 
Sky/Virgin Media use.  Instead of plastic insert its more of a foam type 
insert and I think it's got extra shielding too.


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