[ubuntu-uk] Goodbye all

Chris Rowson christopherrowson at gmail.com
Sat Nov 3 09:24:09 GMT 2007

> Just a quick note to say "Goodbye" to all those doing good work with Ubuntu.
> However, I'm afraid that given that appears acceptable behaviour on this
> list to make accusations of exploitation and corruption, and present
> that in language of a sexual nature, I no longer wish to be a part of
> this community.
> M.

Marvel as you witness first hand, evidence of email being a totally
useless way to communicate an idea. If you and I had discussed this
over a pint in the pub, you'd probably dig where I was coming from.

As it is, I think you're making a big issue out of a problem that
doesn't really exist.

It's not healthy to wind yourself up so much, over something so daft,
where it's obvious that there was no language of a sexual nature (I
think you know that) intended.

Getting into these kinds of arguments is of absoloutely no benefit
(especially not at this time in the morning with a raging hangover).

I agree. This needs to be put to bed.

Oh, and just to address the linux fanboism post.

I work supporting (primarily) Microsoft based systems. This isn't
going to change any time soon, because MS does the job of large scale
desktop deployment and configuration better than Linux does.

When someone can show me something as rounded and easily configurable
as Active Directory, then I'll collect my Linux fanboi wings at the


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