[ubuntu-uk] Cisco VPN Client

James Tait james.tait at wyrddreams.org
Thu Nov 1 22:34:42 GMT 2007

> Well having tried it and installing it finally, I was an idiot. I
> couldn't get any info from college website about the .pcf file I
> needed, so while waiting I decided to uninstall and try the newer
> versions that the support guys posted...and now nothing will install
> whatsoever, even with the patch applied. I think I give up on it.
> I'm now installing vpnc and will see if the support guys will be nice
> enough to help me configure it...

I'm not sure if you're saying you couldn't get hold of the PCF file, or
you weren't sure what information you needed from it... but if the
latter, the network-manager-vpnc GUI allows you to import a PCF file,
and vpnc itself comes with a script in /usr/share/vpnc/pcf2vpnc to
convert a PCF file to a vpnc configuration file.

Hope that helps,

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