[ubuntu-uk] Linux mysteriously broke my computer!

Sean Miller sean at seanmiller.net
Thu Nov 1 15:34:22 GMT 2007

Totally agree... it's like being asked to check your "dial-up networking"
settings when complaining that your router can't connect to the internet...

It's like "duh! it's a router..." -- this may have improved now, seeing as
many ISPs are now promoting routers rather than the old Alcatel Speedtouch
"default", but it is quite galling when one has been working in IT for 20
years to be given complete and utter twaddle, normally at fairly expensive
call rates, from completely untechnical "first line support"...

"I know what the problem is, I've done the diagnostics..."
"I'm sorry, Sir, but before I can put you through to second line support we
just have to check your windows sett.."
"I'm connecting through a router and it's gone down. I haven't changed
"I appreciate that, Sir, but we have to rule out.."
"I'm using Windows and Linux and neither will.."
"Sir, let's check your windows settings..."
"But the windows is connecting via. RJ45 and I can see the router so I
"Click 'Control Panel'"


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