[ubuntu-uk] Broadband speeds and prices!

Steve Flynn anothermindbomb at gmail.com
Thu Nov 1 14:43:58 GMT 2007

On 01/11/2007, Sean Miller <sean at seanmiller.net> wrote:
> BT Voyager routers are commercial products, sold in PC World etc. so they
> wouldn't be locked into anything... I think it's the ones that BT supply
> with their broadband as part of the package that are the issue.

Indeed. It always amuses me when I see people bitching that their
freely supplied router with their broadband package is locked into
that supplier. What exactly did they expect for free?

If a company supplies you with a free router it's going to be either

a. the cheapest of the cheap and nasty
b. locked into that supplier
c. both.

When 1 person suffers from a delusion it is insanity. When many people
suffer from a delusion it is called Religion.

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