[ubuntu-uk] Another broadband related q? Sorry!

Daniel Lamb daniel.lamb at dlcomputing.co.uk
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It also depends who you have broadband with Tesco etc offer llu broadband
which means they can add as many users as they want.


The other thing is that people talk about the best broadband provider, from
my experience (I am an entanet and zen reseller) if you are happy paying
more you get a better service, however my friends use Tesco, bt etc and have
never had any problems, its just a matter of personal experience with a
company, some may say aol is great, a lot of us know aol are rubbish.






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This is a wonderful speed checker...


Has multiple places you can check speed to as, of course, the delay could be
at the other end ;-)

As for kbps and kb/s me old IT teacher taught me there were 8 bits in a
byte... therefore maximum on 2mbps would be 2048kbps/8 which I reckons to be
256kb/s.  However, if it's a home broadband connect remember that you
probably have a contention ratio of 50:1 so if all your neighbours decided
to go p2p together this could reduce to 256/50 which'd be a little over
5kb/s... back to dial-up speeds ;-) 

But it's rare that you'd get that much contention...what some ISPs do,
however, under their "fair use policy", is group all the folks who use the
most bandwidth together when it comes to contention... so all the happy
folks who just browse share the 2mbps with 49 others who are just browsing
and all the p2p and heavy downloaders end up contending with each other
which really can cripple a connection... 


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