[ubuntu-uk] Another broadband related q? Sorry!

Daniel Lamb daniel.lamb at dlcomputing.co.uk
Thu Nov 1 10:11:09 GMT 2007

You can not judge your connection on torrents for a start as it also depends
on how many people are sharing and speed they are sharing at.

Also I believe it is 2mb per minute rather than kbs, if you are worried
about your speed try the broadband speed test that think broadband provide.

Also is that cable or through the phoneline?


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> So im getting regular speeds of 50kbs if im torrenting something....i 
> have a 2mb line with virgin!!!If not what should it be?
> Am i getting the full capacity?
> how much is 2mb in kbs?
> Regards
> Javad

I think it all depends on how many people you're connected to and what 
you're uploading (and also on Virgin they do have some policy where they 
limit the speed if you go over a certain amount during peak time).

When I was on Telewest (now Virgin) on 2Mbit I was getting 220K/sec or 
there abouts.


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