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On 30/05/07, Andrew Price <andy at andrewprice.me.uk> wrote:
> On 30/05/07 18:06, London School of Puppetry wrote:
> > Can anyone tell me what a WEP key is and what it does?
> > Caroline (LSP)
> Hi Caroline,
> Note: I'm a computer science geek but I'll try to keep this simple :)
> WEP ("Wired Equivalent Privacy") basically provides a layer of security
> on top of a wireless network connection. In order to connect to a
> WEP-secured network with your wireless card, you need to provide your
> network connection manager with the WEP key for that network. The WEP
> key is a string of characters (you can think of it as a sort of
> password). Not all wireless connections use WEP, some are completely
> open, some use different kinds of security methods.
> I'm sure someone will mention this next bit so I'll get there first: WEP
> has been found to be quite easy to circumvent, so it's not that good a
> way of securing a wireless network, but it's better than nothing and
> it's still used quite widely.
> Hope that helps.
> --
> Andy Price
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Hi Andy, that was well explained- I have also looked on wikipedia and read
about WAPs
but what no-one has explained to me in what it looks like- In my hand I have
something called 802.11b/g  Security Gateway.  Is this a WEP or  a WAP ?  I
have  plugged it in to  the computer, then plugged it using another cable
into my Alcatel Speed Touch Pro Router thinking I would get
use of my lap top downstairs for Internet but lost all internet connection
for both computers?
Is there something not compatible?

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