[ubuntu-uk] What do you think of this?

Gary Kearley gary at kearley.net
Wed May 30 13:51:49 BST 2007

SteVe Cook wrote:
> I think it's a touch screen!
It's not even that, the blurb says it is a screen controlled by cameras 
etc, nothing about touch sensitivity[1] but that kinda conflicts with 
other parts of the site [2]

looks nice, sounds terrible...

/me wants to see one with a BSOD :-)

[1] http://www.microsoft.com/surface/ Press>FAQ>How does Surface work?
"At a high level, Surface uses cameras to sense objects, hand gestures 
and touch. This user input is then processed and the result is displayed 
on the surface using rear projection."
[2] Press>Fact Sheet>Features>Multi-touch display
"Multi-touch display. The display is capable of multi-touch interaction, 
recognizing dozens and dozens of touches simultaneously, including 
fingers, hands, gestures and objects placed on the surface."

So maybe it is a fancy touchscreen :p

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