[ubuntu-uk] dapper to fiesty

Mark Harrison Mark at yourpropertyexpert.com
Wed May 30 08:49:29 BST 2007

Gregory Kirby wrote:
> In message <8C96D98346C0A22-12D0-25C1 at WEBMAIL-RB18.sysops.aol.com>,
> dvhllswrth at aol.com writes
>> thanks all...giving it a go  David.
> Is this spam?
>> AOL now offers free email to everyone. Find out more about what's free
> >from AOL at AOL.com.
>  G

David posted a message with a single line (presumably automatically 
added by his ISP) that promoted AOL.

You posted a message with THREE lines (preumably automatically added by 
the list server) that promoted Ubuntu.

I don't think that we can accuse people of being spammers just because 
some email server they use happens to auto-add signatures :-)


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