[ubuntu-uk] Preventing lightning strike & surges

Chris Wright linux-list at cwic-solutions.co.uk
Mon May 28 16:15:15 BST 2007

Robin Menneer wrote:

> Ta.  You don't happen to know if the extension lead  sockets are 
> one-shot or  resetting , (phone-wise and/or power) ?   Robin

I 'believe' them to be one shot devices. (At least the proper ones).

There are two basic types used for strike protection, gas discharge tube 
and spark gap.  Depending on what you need to use them for, depends 
which one is more suitable.
Both of the above are one shot devices.


One thing manufacturers do, is quote protection in Joules (see link above).
"3240 Joules, 90,000 Maximum Spike Amperage"

This is how they can squirm out of a direct 'main' strike protection.
Often lightning will hit close by and jump to your mains/telephone.

So if you live in a lightning risk area, get the one with the biggest 
"Joules" rating.

Most of the devices will only protect you from lightning strikes from 
1-2 miles away.

None of the ones you probably get off the shelf are "lightning 
arrestors", they are merely surge protectors.



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