[ubuntu-uk] Preventing lightning strike & surges

luxxius luxxius at googlemail.com
Mon May 28 16:11:30 BST 2007

Neil Greenwood wrote:
> On 28/05/07, Robin Menneer <robinmenneer at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Ta.  You don't happen to know if the extension lead  sockets are one-shot or
>>  resetting , (phone-wise and/or power) ?   Robin
> I don't sorry. And I don't know where the box/instructions are anymore either.
> If you've got a hardware shop near you, pop in and try asking. You
> might be lucky enough to find someone who knows what they're talking
> about!

I've just bought a couple of the Belkin SurgeMaster Maximum series (8 
sockets, phone and aerial sockets) from Costco (just under £24 incl VAT).

    There's no indication whether it resets.  The box says '300V 
Oversized Metal Oxide Varistors (MOVs) - absorb excess electricity 
across live, neutral and earth lines, preventing harm to your 
equipment', which I guess is the 'surge' protection.

    And then it says 'Safety Shutdown Technology - uses thermal fuses to 
power off your system, which saves all connected devices in the event of 
a severe occurrence or when surge protection expires'.  (By 'expires' 
are we to read 'is overwhelmed and dies'?)

    They claim a response time of <1 nanosecond.  (And the device also 
filters EMI/RFI noise.  I wondered why my PC / network connection seemed 
to be running better after I plugged it into the Belkin socket!)

    The guarantee says they reserve the right to review the damaged 
SurgeMaster, any damaged equipment attached, and the site where the 
damage occurred - which suggests it might not reset after a 'severe 
occurence'!  The implication is that the thing shouldn't normally fry - 
but it really isn't very clear - sorry.

    How about phoning Belkin: 0193 335 2000 (e-mail eurosupport at belkin.com)


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