[ubuntu-uk] Shutting down Windows

LeeUKHA mailinglists at varga.co.uk
Mon May 28 11:41:01 BST 2007

Tony Arnold wrote:
> Matthew,
> Matthew Larsen wrote:
>>> Control Panel > Power Options > select 'Change Power Settings' for the
>>> selected Power Plan > select 'Change advanced power settings' > Expand
>>> the 'Power Buttons and Sleep' option > Expand 'Start Menu power
>>> button' option and then choose 'Shutdown from the drop-down menu that
>>> appears.
>>> Seb
>> We should start describing windows operations as the number of UAC
>> questions needed to do something. O(log n) UAC Operations needed to
>> edit power options for each n power options you want to change or
>> something :P
> What does UAC stand for? I'm sure it will be obvious once evealed!
>> Btw Hi all, recently joined the British ubuntu list :) Studying
>> Computer Science at University of Manchester, recently made switch to
>> Ubuntu.
> Welcome to the world of Ubuntu! It's a great place to be as is the
> University of Manchester!
> Regards,
> Tony.
"User Account Control". Quoting MS - "The main goal of User Account 
Control is to reduce the exposure and attack surface of the operating 
system by requiring that all users run in standard user mode. This 
limitation minimizes the ability for users to make changes that could 
destabilize their computers or inadvertently expose the network to 
viruses through undetected malware that has infected their computer."

It's basically SUDO... (but without having to type the password it), 
made out to be a brilliant MS invention...
I can't find the it now, but there was a brilliant quote from a tech 
reporter saying something like "UAC is brilliant, it protects computers 
from viruses etc, it's so clever that I bet Linux wishes it had 
something like it".

I laughed so hard I fell off my chair... :)


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