[ubuntu-uk] Preventing lightning strike & surges

Ian Pascoe softy.lofty.ilp at btinternet.com
Sat May 26 12:15:51 BST 2007

Hi Robin

You've a number of alternatives - as always - and it depends on what you got
to spend.

Firstly, looking at the mains supply.  If you're in such an en-lightening
area, unless your place is on top of a hill, I would have thought you'd want
to protect everything, so get an electrician to install a protection unit
between the meter and the distribution board.  Alternatively, and perhaps in
addition, add surge protection to your mains outlets using plug ins.

BT provides Line Conditioning Units for exactly your scenario - although I
don't know if they're compatible with BB / ADSL.

Alternatively, belkin, I think, makes a 4 gang socket surge protection with
an inbuilt telephone socket.

Normal disclaimer applies to all above.

Oh, and of course the other option is to move!


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On 5/25/07, luxxius <luxxius at googlemail.com> wrote:
> Alan Pope wrote:
> > Call me picky, but isn't it true that you can't *prevent* lightning
> > strikes, only try to get them to hit something other than your
> > aerial/golf club/tree/car/house?
> My only experience of a lightning strike was lightning hitting the
> telegraph pole down the street, sending a big pulse down the phone line,
> and frying the fax modem on my motherboard (along with its nearby
> on-board network and the graphics).  I guess surge protection wouldn't
> help with that sort of thing?
> By the way, hello!  I'm a relative newcomer to Ubuntu (about four months
> now).  I have Dapper running on my old Inspiron latptop (including
> wireless on a Linksys card with Broadcom chipset, which I was very
> pleased to get working in only a fortnight!).
> And now I've put Feisty on an old AMD box, and recently as a dual boot
> on my Dell Dimension (with XP, which I keep for occasional bits of stuff
> that are still easier for me on XP, till I get better at GNU/Linux).
> But I find I rarely use that other OS at all;  and I've been sort of
> surprised to find that I don't miss it, and - contrary to long-term
> brainwashing (20 years, I guess) - I don't actually need it!  Freedom!
> Ubuntu's really good - but I have to be careful not to bore my kids and
> friends to death going on about it!
> --
> Diana
>We've sat watching a fireball from lightning in the same room, frying
the Orange box which took 5 weeks to replace, followint innumerable
phone calls.  And it is a bore switching everything off whenever there
is a thunderstorm in the area.  What are the relative merits of the
various means of protection ?   Robin
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