[ubuntu-uk] Preventing lightning strike & surges

James Dalley j.dalley at hotmail.co.uk
Fri May 25 22:44:39 BST 2007

> luxxius wrote:> > Dominic Forrest wrote:> >> Don't be so sure - my father lived in a remote part of the Highlands of > >> Scotland and had 5 (yes five!) modems fried.  I then bought him a > >> combined power/phone lightning surge protector and never had another > >> problem!> > > > Where do I get one?  (And do you have a URL so I can see what you mean?)> > I'm pretty sure PC World sell these things. If there isn't one near by,> try their web site.> > Regards,> Tony.I got mine from argos for not much money, it has 4 standard sockets plus  RJ 45, RJ 11 and a standard BT throughport for protection..Nice one,James
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