[ubuntu-uk] Preventing lightning strike & surges

Dominic Forrest dominic.forrest at ntlworld.com
Fri May 25 21:24:17 BST 2007

luxxius wrote:
> Alan Pope wrote:
>> Call me picky, but isn't it true that you can't *prevent* lightning
>> strikes, only try to get them to hit something other than your
>> aerial/golf club/tree/car/house? 
> My only experience of a lightning strike was lightning hitting the 
> telegraph pole down the street, sending a big pulse down the phone line, 
> and frying the fax modem on my motherboard (along with its nearby 
> on-board network and the graphics).  I guess surge protection wouldn't 
> help with that sort of thing?

Don't be so sure - my father lived in a remote part of the Highlands of 
Scotland and had 5 (yes five!) modems fried.  I then bought him a 
combined power/phone lightning surge protector and never had another 


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